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What overfill prevention valves do: Overfill prevention valves for underground storage tanks prevent fuel spills that might occur if the tank was overfilled during product delivery. Overfill prevention is required for USTs filled with more than 25 gallons of product at one time.

Recent design innovations: New models of overfill prevention valves are being designed to make testing easier. The new valve designs do not need to be removed from the system to be tested by either mechanical or magnetic technology. This innovation yields a significant labor savings. Further, some models are being constructed with new materials, such as anodized aluminum components, to be more compatible with alternative fuels and blends.

Source solutions: Source offers overfill prevention valves from EBW® (Franklin Fueling Systems), Emco-Wheaton and OPW. Call (800) 572-5578 or visit to place an order.