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Two major oil companies are actively exploring the emerging on-demand fuel market.

This industry-disrupting advancement, which allows consumers to request and schedule a gas fill-up from a smartphone app, was once limited to a handful of small start-ups. Now Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil are researching the possible benefits of the service.

Royal Dutch Shell has spent the past six months collecting consumer data on its own gas on-demand service offering in The Netherlands, called TapUp. According to CSP Magazine, the fueling giant is finding interest not only with end-users, but in the B2B sphere with the potential for expansion in the United States and with fuels beyond gasoline and diesel. One of the surprising benefits of the app: the data it provides about consumer purchase behaviors.

ExxonMobil, along with several other investors, including General Motors Ventures, recently contributed $13.7 million to Yoshi, a San Francisco-based on-demand fueling and vehicle maintenance provider. ExxonMobil will supply Yoshi with fuel and lubricant products. General Motors, meanwhile, is exploring an in-vehicle e-commerce platform to provide motorists with a seamless, connected experience.

On-demand ventures are likely to continue to transform aspects of the fueling industry. Source will continue to monitor this trend in order to share examples of adaptation in the growing on-demand economy.

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