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What dispenser filters do: The filter inside the dispenser protects against the distribution of contaminated fuel. Filters capture contaminants and in some cases alert operators to contamination by slowing the flow of product. Dispenser filters help defend against particulates, water and phase separation.

Selecting the right filter: There are numerous types of filters for retail applications: conventional gasoline and diesel; vapor recovery; biodiesel; ethanol. There are also filters available for numerous industrial applications. Filter manufacturers recommend operators develop a regular filter maintenance schedule. Check with your Source representative to determine the right filter for your application.

Source solutions: Source is proud to offer filters from Cim-Tek and PetroClear for typical retail fueling operations. For more advanced industrial fueling, we also offer Donaldson, Facet, Goldenrod, Racor and Velcon. Call (800) 572-5578 or visit Source Simple Solutions.

For more information: Read our Q&A to learn more about the common types of fuel contamination and why retailers should take them seriously.

Pictured in the Diagram:

  1. Dispenser filters protect against the distribution of contaminated fuel by filtering the fuel just before it exits the fueling system via the dispenser hose and nozzle.