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Source recently held two events that educated attendees about top-of-mind issues circulating within the fuel industry. Source hosted a contractor information session that was presented by Walsh Long & Company at Source’s Addison facility on Feb. 28. During the event, Micah Nelson, National Sales Manager for Bravo, and Bud Moore, Director of Sales for Vaporless Manufacturing, spoke to more than 50 contractors about underground storage tanks, installation, fuel contamination and corrosion protection. In addition, Source sales staff from across the country gathered to share ideas for infrastructure upgrades that would benefit customers during the EMV delay, at Source’s national sales meeting March 16-18 in Dallas.


(LEFT) What’s New in Containment?: Micah Nelson of Bravo discussed underground storage tank challenges and solutions during a contractors’ seminar at Source’s headquarters in Addison, IL.

(RIGHT) A Moo-ving Experience: Only in the heart of Texas would you find cattle in the parking lot of your hotel. Such was the case during Source’s sales meeting in Dallas, where cattle were auctioned off in the ballroom.