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Selecting future-proof equipment is a key to driving profits and lowering costs.

Source North America’s Retail Sales Solutions team provides these tips for selecting fueling system and convenience equipment that will contribute to a competitive future.

Driving Profits

Creating a welcoming, safe and pleasant customer experience is more important than ever. Consider this:

  • In addition to being a primary customer interface, fuel dispensers and EV chargers have a big impact on curb appeal.
  • Solutions that help marketers learn more about customers in order to provide them personalized experiences at multiple interfaces will increase higher-margin sales.
  • Technologies that enable retailers to serve customers the right advertising or promotion at the right time will drive sales and help retain business.
  • Open architecture platforms eliminate restrictions posed by proprietary products. They help make adjacent solutions compatible regardless of brand affiliation, enabling integrations that will improve the customer experience.

Lowering Costs

Although advanced technologies often have higher prices than comparable legacy solutions, the total cost of ownership may actually be lower. Savings may be derived from:

  • Upgradeable solutions that will accommodate future technologies
  • Remote monitoring and updates that reduce labor
  • Fewer wear parts and failure points
  • Two or more discrete solutions combined into one (such as a POS that doubles as a customer-facing self-serve kiosk)

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