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Watch Video for a Preview of Source’s VR Experience

Source introduced a new way of viewing tanks — from the ground up — with its unique and educational virtual reality experience at the 2017 PEI Convention in Chicago. The experience drew considerable traffic to Source’s booth, and with good reason.

“Understanding underground fueling infrastructure is a challenge for many people in our industry. Unless you are a contractor who installs fueling systems on a regular basis, you seldom get to see exposed fueling infrastructure with your own eyes,” said Joe O’Brien, Vice President of Marketing for Source.

Source’s VR experience enables participants to virtually look inside an underground storage tank, view underground piping and get a feel for how the various components interconnect. Participants can explore a submersible pump, overfill prevention, an underground storage tank sump, dispenser containment, piping from the tank to the dispenser and more.

Three videos posted on Source’s YouTube channel showcase the VR experience that was a hit at PEI:

Overview of Infrastructure: View an underground storage tank, underground piping and get a feel for how the various components interconnect.

Go with the Flow: This animation explores how fuel flows from the tank through piping to the dispenser.

Overfill Prevention: See how this essential compliance component prevents the overfill of underground storage tanks.

“The VR really breaks down the barriers to understanding how it all works. It brings clarity to an aspect of fuel site operations that for a long time has been out of sight, out of mind. And since the information is presented in the VR format, the learning experience is a lot of fun,” O’Brien said.

Watch for Source’s VR experience at upcoming trade shows.