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Source™ North America Corporation, the largest fueling equipment distributor in North America, is proud to announce that it has been named the exclusive distributor of FuelCall® for BP gas stations.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all self-service gas stations to pump fuel for customers with disabilities when there is more than one employee on duty. FuelCall, developed by Inclusion Solutions, provides a user-friendly service-request system that bridges a communication gap between retailers and their customer base.

How FuelCall Works

FuelCall enables fuel retailers to provide a higher level of service to drivers with disabilities, which number approximately 15 million in the U.S. Customers who fuel up at FuelCall-equipped BP stations will be able to press the oversized FuelCall® BigBell™ touchpad that is installed near the fuel dispenser in order to request assistance at the fuel island. This touchpad sends a signal to an attendant inside the store. Upon hearing the signal via a wireless chime receiver, the attendant can then go outside to assist the costumer with fueling or C-store shopping needs, as requested.

The FuelCall hardware includes the ADA-compliant BigBell pump call button and mounting materials, as well as the receiver unit. Marketing materials include site signage for island cap and roadside marquee. The site signage can be customized to communicate the hours during which an attendant will be available for service. Once the ADA FuelCall program is installed, the site’s location will be included on the navigation system, which routes customers to these sites.

Benefits to Retailers
FuelCall will enable retailers to boost sales by attracting new customers to their operation, increase customer loyalty and expand repeat business. The fuel island enhancement also can help promote a positive image within the community it serves. Tax credit and tax deductions also are available in many areas to those who adopt the technology.

“FuelCall brings many benefits to BP retailers and consumers,” said Joseph O’Brien, VP of Marketing at Source. “The direct communication line between consumer and attendant eliminates confusion about assistance request procedures and it provides attendants the opportunity to extend that level of service to shopping needs inside the store.”

Ultimately, though, FuelCall enables fuel retailers to deliver a welcoming and customer-focused environment to all of their customers. For David Lopez, Inclusions Solutions Senior Sales Consultant, facilitating this level of service to customers in need of assistance is a rewarding experience.

“Being able to bring this accessibility solution to BP consumers is extremely gratifying,” he said. “We look forward to working with Source to bring this user-friendly customer service enhancement to BP stations nationwide.”

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