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Goodyear Engineered Products has recently introduced a low-permeation fuel-dispensing hose that prevents significantly more fuel from escaping the hose covering and entering into the environment.

Testing initiated by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) demonstrated that 1.6 gallons of fuel permeate through a hose annually. With over one million dispensing hoses in North America, that equates to over 1.6 million gallons of fuel that could be escaping. In 2011, CARB proposed a low-permeation hose standard. Conventional hoses can allow 100 grams/m^2/day of fuel to escape per day. Low-permeation hoses can only permit 10 grams/m^2/day of fuel to escape per day.

Goodyear’s Flexsteel® Futura™ low-perm hose features a hard-wall wire braid reinforcement. Synthetic-rubber covers on the hose offer enhanced protection against ozone, cracking and wear. The hose, which can be used with gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends and biodiesel blends (up to E15), not only meets UL330 standards for conventional and vapor recovery, but it meets the permeation requirements of less than 10 grams/m^2/day.   

Ohio is the first state to require low permeation hoses in conjunction with Stage II Decommissioning requirements. CARB approval is pending in California, which will affect all conventional and vapor-assist hoses there. Stay up-to-date with Stage II Decommissioning requirements with our interactive guide at