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PEI identified these growth opportunities for the petroleum equipment industry:

  • Energy conservation and regulatory compliance
  • Loyalty program and EMV equipment, back office software and POS
  • Car washes, fixtures, LED lighting, security systems, liquid-handlingequipment, lifts, lube equipment and DEF systems
  • LNG, CNG, E15, E85, E25, electric, hydrogen fuel cells and bio-fuels
  • Government fuel incentive programs
  • Increased demand from commercial, industrial and governmental sectors
  • Growth of regional high-volume retailers (HVRs), big-box retailers and progressive C-stores
  • Vapor recovery decommissioning
  • At-dispenser media and lottery
  • Fuel quality testing
  • Changing onerous state regulations
  • Privatization of state-run oil companies in international markets
  • The co-optimization of Fuels and Engines initiative