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Understanding Underwriters Laboratories’ certifications for ethanol-blend dispensing equipment is an essential part of operating a safe forecourt in today’s marketplace focused on renewable fuels. Here’s a guide to the listings — and the equipment the standards cover — for gasoline and gasoline-ethanol blends with nominal ethanol concentrations up to 85% (E0 to E85):

UL 87A: Power-operated

dispensing devices

UL 25A: Meters

UL 79A: Power-operated pumps

UL 330A: Outline for hoses and hose assemblies for use with dispensing devices

UL 331A: Strainers

UL 428A: Outline for electrically operated valves

UL 567A: Emergency breakaway fittings, swivel connectors and pipe-connection fittings

UL 842A: Valves

UL 2586A: Hose nozzle valves