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The Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is proposing changes to its underground storage tank (UST) program.

As Illinois continues to phase in requirements for double-walled underground storage tank components, UST owners and operators can expect these changes: 

  • New and replaced spill containment equipment and sumps must be double-walled 
  • New linings for compatibility purposes will only be allowed for double-walled tanks 
  • Tank installation or replacement will require that any existing single-walled piping be upgraded to double-walled piping 
  • Manifolded piping above a shear valve must be removed at the time of dispenser replacement 

After October 13, 2028: 

All existing underground product piping at UST facilities must be double-walled. Existing single-walled tanks may continue to be used if they comply with OSFM rules. 

Other updates include changes to fleet dispensing requirements, road safety, venting configurations, forms, processes, and eligibility and deductible determinations. 

Learn more from this OSFM Fact Sheet.