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A disruption in power can have a catastrophic effect on business in today’s 24-7 society. As such, many commercial and industrial businesses are incorporating day tanks into their contingency plans for staying online should a disruption occur. The day tank provides an aboveground source of fuel with mounted pumping units and control circuitry, primarily for short-term and stand-by use.

Unlike some competitor day tanks, Ace Tank FuelSafe® Day Tanks, which were recently featured on Fuel Marketer News’ website, occupy a tight equipment footprint while still maintaining double-wall construction. Tanks are available in sizes ranging from 60 gallons to 280 gallons, and can fuel mission-critical systems for 24 hours, up to a week.

Designed to deliver long service life, the tanks are constructed from industrial-grade components from the industry’s leading pump and filter manufacturers. User-friendly features include programmable logic controllers (PLC) and touchscreen interfaces. With minimal electrical and mechanical plumbing requirements for installation, Ace Tank FuelSafe® Day Tanks are practically turnkey.

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