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One of the biggest dairy farms in the country – Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana – is taking measures to reduce both its carbon foot- and hoof-print through an innovative on-site renewable fuel program.

At the heart of the farm’s energy initiative is “poo power.” Fair Oaks uses onsite anaerobic digesters to convert its seemingly endless supply of cow manure into biogas, which is 60% methane. Some of the biogas is used to power the farm, while some of it is turned into compressed natural gas that powers the farm’s fleet of 42 tractor trailers that ship raw milk to processing plants in the region.

The farm even makes its natural gas available for public consumption. Amp Americas recently announced that it has formed AmpRenew, a new division focused on the sale of RCNG from Fair Oaks Farm.

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, there were approximately 247 anaerobic digester systems operating at commercial livestock farms in 2015. Watch this video to learn more about the Fair Oaks Farm biomethane operation.