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What submersible pumps do: Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) transfer fuel from aboveground or underground storage tanks to dispensers by pushing the fuel under pressure through the piping system to the dispensers.

What’s new with STPs: Today’s submersible pumps are constructed with stainless steel and other materials that resist corrosion. These modifications make the pumps compatible with a wide range of current fuels and they increase the likelihood the pumps will be compatible with future fuels. Due to the higher quality construction materials used, the price of submersible pumps has increased. Choosing a pump that will provide return on investment through long-term, reliable operation is important. Also, the 2 Horsepower pump has grown more popular.

Source solutions: Source is proud to offer the FE Petro Advanced Protection STPs and Red Jacket Red Armor STPs. Call (800) 572-5578 to order a submersible pump.

PICTURED IN THE DIAGRAM: A. A submersible pump draws fuel from inside the storage tank, pushes it through the piping to the dispenser for fueling.