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What spill containment buckets do: Spill containers help prevent soil and groundwater contamination by catching fuel that may spill or overflow during normal underground tank-filling procedures.

What’s new: Many applications now require multiport manway configurations. In multiport manways, the spill container and a second access port on the tank share the same large manway lid. This design provides below-grade access to both the spill container and access port, while still having a distinct lid for access to the tank fill separately. Spill containment buckets typically range in capacity from 5 gallons to 15 gallons, with the 5-gallon style being the most popular.

In this era of increased regulation for UST compliance, there are options for spill containers with vacuum test ports for easier testing access as well as different retrofit spill containers for the wide variety of situations that contractors are discovering are in the field.

Also, they are available in different composite materials. To meet the needs of future fuels, spill containers now even include stainless steel body construction.

Source solutions: Source is proud to offer spill containers from CNI Manufacturing, EBW (Franklin Fueling Systems), Emco Wheaton, Fairfield Industries, OPW, Pemco, Phil-Tite (Franklin Fueling Systems) and Universal Valve Co. Please visit Source Simple Solutions or call (800) 572-5578.


A. Multiport manways provide access to the spill container and access port while also including a distinct lid for access to tank fill equipment.