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What spill containment buckets do: Spill containers help prevent soil and groundwater contamination by catching fuel that may spill or overflow during normal underground tank-filling procedures.

Many styles available: Spill containment manholes typically range in capacity from 5 gallons to 15 gallons. Some have drains, while others do not. They are available in different composite materials, below-grade or grade-level styles, slip-on or screw-on varieties and can be watertight, sealable or lockable. There are spill containers designed for specific regulatory requirements and for Aboveground Storage Tanks.

Source solutions: Source is proud to offer spill containers from CNI Manufacturing, EBW (Franklin Fueling Systems), Emco Wheaton, Fairfield Industries, OPW, Pemco, Phil-Tite (Franklin Fueling Systems) and Universal Valve Co. Please visit Source Simple Solutions or call (800) 572-5578.

Pictured in the Diagram:

  1. These 5-gallon spill buckets are designed for grade-level installations. The left spill bucket includes a drain, while the right one does not.