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Biobutanol, also known as isobutanol, is an emerging fuel that is poised to give ethanol a run for its money.

The renewable fuel offers many of the benefits of ethanol and overcomes some of its limitations. Less corrosive than ethanol and offering the same oxygen content and combustion properties as E10, biobutanol has been shown to be highly compatible with E10-compatible vehicles. Up to 16% isobutanol can safely be blended into gasoline, and its high energy density delivers the same fuel economy as E10. Produced from the same sources as ethanol, the 4-carbon alcohol has a high renewable energy content, and its stability in water opens up pipeline transportation opportunities.

PetrolPlaza reports that Butamax Advanced Biofuels, a joint venture of BP and DuPont, hopes to replace U.S. ethanol with biobutanol by 2018.