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When it comes to underground fueling equipment, documenting important details about underground storage tanks and piping during their installations will create an extremely valuable reference point for the future.

Download UST Birth Certificate Form Here

By creating a “birth certificate” that documents the most important characteristics of underground fueling equipment, operators will save themselves the hassle of contacting suppliers, contractors or manufacturers to verify details that may be needed for future maintenance, upgrades or insurance inquiries. If the gas station changes owners the “birth certificate” document will be especially useful to the new owners who weren’t there to observe the initial installation.

Here are 5 tips for creating a UST birth certificate that operators can rely on to answer future questions about the site’s underground fueling equipment.

1. Download Source North America’s free “UST Birth Certificate” form. Review the form prior to the arrival of the fueling equipment to get a feel for the information you will need to collect. Fill out a form for each UST being installed during the installation, working with contractors as needed to obtain the critical data points.

2. Take photos. Creating a visual record of what the equipment looks like at the time of installation is important. When comparing what UST equipment and/or piping looked like at the time of installation and what the equipment looks like before and after upgrades or maintenance provides a benchmark for technicians and station operators alike. Take photos of the equipment after it is installed, but before the excavation site is backfilled. Include the images with each individual UST “birth certificate.”

3. Create a back-up. Create digital and printed versions of your UST birth certificate and save a spare copy in a location separate from the original version in the event of loss, damage or theft.

4. Keep your original UST birth certificates in a safe, logical place. File your UST birth certificates with other fueling equipment records and policies, such as the UST registration form, warranties and insurance policies.

5. Keep the documents current. Update all versions of the UST birth certificate with addendums when maintenance or upgrades require equipment changes.

Many USTs are nearing the end of their warrantied service life in the next 10 years or so. If you need assistance planning a UST replacement or upgrade, Source’s SOLUTIONS Design Group can help. For information about your state’s UST compliance standards, please visit Source’s UST Regulations webpage.