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There are several issues of interest regarding the future of the fueling industry. Here’s a quick rundown of what we heard about them at the PEI Convention.

Q: What will become of state UST insurance funding?

A: Some experts are suggesting that UST insurance coverage through state funds should shift to risk-based pricing. Single-walled tanks and USTs over 30 years old could be outlawed. These changes could force owners of high-risk tanks to obtain coverage through private insurers, which will be more expensive. It may also inspire states to stop offering tank insurance altogether. 

Q: What will be the next-generation fuel for heavy-duty trucking?

A: Right now, diesel is still king. But with biodiesel, renewable diesel and alternative power sources including electric, hydrogen and CNG expanding, which power source will be the future king is still unclear. We’ll be monitoring Fleet News Daily for news about this, and we recommend you do the same. 

Q: Can farmers and oilmen unite? 

A: These two powerful lobbies, which are perpetually at odds, seem to have a common goal of maintaining a petroleum-based biofuel as the high-octane, low-carbon solution for the next 25 years. We’ll be looking to the Renewable Fuels Association and the American Petroleum Institute for developments.

Q: How will investment in U.S. infrastructure impact the future vehicle fleet?  

A: If improvements to the electrical grid dominate funding priorities, then a nationwide framework to support electric vehicles may be closer than we think. 

Q: How will the fuel industry respond to a technological game-changer?

A: Breakthrough technologies continuously emerge, and they have the potential to severely disrupt the fueling industry. One such example to keep an eye on is a plan to pilot wireless charging technology in Indiana that can be installed in pavement, allowing electric vehicles to charge as they are being driven.

To learn more, keep an eye on PEI’s Youtube channel for a recording of the PEI State of the Industry.