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Source North America has welcomed many visitors to its new training center in Arlington, TX. Here’s what people are saying about the facility:

‘Most Beneficial Resource’
“As someone relatively new to the world of retail fuel and equipment, the space Source has developed has been the most beneficial resource for me to date for learning how it all works.”

‘Informative and Valuable’

“This was one of the most informative and valuable off-site presentations I have seen. It is really easy to go to a store and see the indoor stuff we talk about day in and day out, however it is really hard to visualize how our fuel systems work when everything is buried underground. Source North America has developed an incredible way to see up-close how these fuel systems work and connect with one another.”

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‘Best C-store Fuel System Demo’

“…We learned about the store development process and how the 7-11 fuel systems, pumps and tanks work. This was a great opportunity to learn from our fuel system vendors about the lengths that 7-11 goes to to protect the environment in cost-effective ways. There are large displays that show you how the pumps, tanks and dispensers work. This is the best C-store fuel system demo site in the country.”

‘Highly Recommend Checking It Out’

Thanks to CherokeeUST for the following shout-out on the PEI Forum: “I just spent the day at [the] Source NA, facility in Arlington, Texas. It was fun. They have a lot of equipment on display and I highly recommend checking it out.”

For inquiries on setting up a visit or to learn more, please email or contact our Source University team at (847) 364-1744, Ext. 2525. You may also reach out to your sales representative for details.