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Source’s Jeff Dzierzanowski received the Recognition of Service Award from the Illinois Fuel & Retail Association (IFRA). M-PACT Director of Finance and Membership Brenda Zeck and Judi Dupont, who previously served as IFRA’s Executive Assistant and M-PACT Tradeshow Exhibitor Coordinator, received IFRA’s first M-PACT Awards. Congratulation to them and all the other award winners!

Source’s Jeff Dzierzanowski also participated in the panel discussion “The Future of Biofuels” at the FUELS2022 conference May 24-26 in Indianapolis, IN.

Source’s Darlene Walsh led the roundtable discussion “Opportunities for Females in the Petroleum & Energy Equipment Industry” at the PEI Women Conference May 4-6 in Charleston, SC.

The Fuels Institute released a new report, “The Easiest and Hardest Commercial Vehicles to Decarbonize.” The report can be downloaded here.