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The Source University training center was busier than ever this year, with numerous companies and agencies taking advantage of the facility’s fueling system exhibit and meeting room. 

Visitors ranged from major oil firms to contractors to regulators, and from small groups with just a handful of people to groups coming in by the busloads for multi-day events. We are proud to have helped make so many people become more knowledgeable about fueling system equipment than ever before! 

The Source University training facility opened in Arlington, TX, in 2019. Since then, the fueling system exhibit has expanded the amount of equipment on display, which includes configurations for typical U.S. requirements as well as California requirements. Source is continuing to add to the exhibit, with the next round of additions including aboveground storage tanks and tank truck displays. 

To inquire about setting up an event at the training center or to take a 360° tour of the training facility’s classroom amenities, please visit 

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