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Tukwila, WA – April 20, 2015 – Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment, LLC, a leading North American provider of aboveground and below-ground tank equipment solutions, is pleased to offer a line of FuelSafe® Day Tanks that provides critical access to fuel supplies during power outages.

According to Department of Energy data, the United States experiences more power outages than any other developed nation. Many mission-critical businesses — including hospitals, financial institutions and data centers — cannot be without power for even a few seconds. With outages costing U.S. businesses as much as $150 billion per year, and more businesses relying on data centers to host their IT or software services, installing a system that enables back-up power is becoming a vital part of facilities management.

“Today’s technology-driven world requires many business operations to be up and running 24-7,” said Wes Sherman, who is an Ace Tank sales associate. “When installed as part of a bigger-picture contingency plan, day tanks can significantly reduce downtimes at commercial and industrial sites.”

Unlike some competitor day tanks, Ace Tank Day Tanks are able to occupy a tight equipment footprint while still maintaining double-wall construction. Tanks are available in sizes ranging from 60 gallons to 280 gallons, and can fuel mission-critical systems for 24 hours up to a week. Designed to deliver long service life, the tanks are constructed from industrial-grade components from the industry’s leading pump and filter manufacturers. User-friendly features include programmable logic controllers (PLC) and touchscreen interfaces. With minimal electrical and mechanical plumbing requirements for installation, Ace Tank Day Tanks are almost turnkey.

“Emergency backup power is certainly top-of-mind every time a storm rolls through and knocks out the electricity,” Sherman said. “But for many commercial and industrial businesses, incorporating a backup power supply is as much about deflecting incremental financial losses caused by minor incidents as it is about disaster preparedness.”

To learn more, watch this video from Fuel Marketer News featuring Ace Tank day tanks at the 2015 WPMA convention, call Ace Tank at (800) 426-2880, or visit

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