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There may have been fewer opportunities to connect face-to-face this year, but the importance of communicating with one another, learning from one another and advancing fueling operations together has not. In fact, it is probably more important than ever.

With that in mind, the Source University training center and adjacent classroom will be poised to host small groups in the coming months as travel restrictions begin to lift and people become more comfortable with traveling.

Take a 360° Tour of the Classroom

The facility is an ideal setting for training, strategy sessions or other meetings that would benefit from face-to-face interaction. The facility’s exhibit of aboveground and belowground fueling systems is currently being expanded to include aboveground storage tanks and tank truck displays. On-site or remote tours of the exhibit can be conducted.

The spacious classroom offers flexible seating arrangements that can be adjusted as needed. The room is also Wi-Fi-enabled and features a large monitor to display media or other supporting documents.

To inquire about hosting a meeting or training session, please contact Source today.