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What submersible pumps do: Submersible pumps transfer fuel from aboveground or underground storage tanks to dispensers.

How submersible pumps work: A submersible pump is engineered to be submerged in fluid. As such, submersible pumps are installed inside the storage tank, with the pump intake set a few inches from the bottom of the tank. The pump motor pushes the fuel under pressure through the piping system to the dispensers. Submersible pumps are available in variableand fixed-speed configurations and are specified for numerous motor fuels including alternative fuels. Submersible pumps are designed to provide dependable, consistent flow rates and for easy maintenance.

Source solutions: Source is proud to offer submersible pumps from FE Petro™ and Red Jacket. Call (800) 572-5578 to order a submersible pump today.

Pictured in the Diagram:

A. A submersible pump draws fuel from inside the storage tank, pushes it through the piping to the dispenser for fueling.