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Note: Learn about pipe dope compliance and compatibility in our summary of the EPA’s Technical Compendium. 

What pipe dope does: Thread sealant, also called pipe dope, is applied to fuel system joints and connections in order to make them leak-proof and pressure tight.

Why selecting the proper pipe dope is critical to a fuel system: Proper application of thread sealant can mean the difference between a fuel system that remains leak-free over the long term and a fuel system that begins to seep. Pipe dopes are specified for different fuel site products including gasoline, diesel, DEF, ethanol blends, methanol, natural gas, LPG, propane and more. Pipe dope is used so universally, it is easily overlooked when equipment compatibility considerations are made – especially during retrofits for biofuels or ethanol blends.

Source solutions: Source offers thread sealants from Hernon (Dripstop®), Federal Process (Gasoila®) and Jomar Valve. For assistance, call (800) 572-5578 today.