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From the Fuels Institute:

Diesel Fuel Sampling Study: An Evaluation of Diesel Fuel Sold and Consumed in the U.S. Market: This report summarizes the evaluation of diesel fuel for properties that may affect engine operations or contribute to tank corrosion and product contamination.

Supercharged: The Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles: This literature review assesses how the lifecycle of an EV impacts the environment compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle.

From the Renewable Fuels Association:

National Ethanol Conference: Slated for Feb. 21-23 in New Orleans, the agenda includes “Retailer Roundtable: The Future of Refueling” and much more.

From CSP:

2021 Outlook Survey: Conducted in September 2021, the survey reports that 43% of respondents indicate that EVs will have the harshest effect on future gasoline demand and plan to adapt their fuel offering to add electric car charging.