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  1. Turn off and tag the power to the dispenser. The dispenser must be de-energized prior to service in order to avoid personal injury.
  2. Barricade the work area in order to block vehicle access to the dispenser.
  3. Close the dispenser’s shear valve prior to removing hanging hardware (hoses, safety breakaways and nozzles).
  4. Drain any liquid product from the hanging hardware into an approved container prior to replacing any hanging hardware components.
  5. Remove hanging hardware from the dispenser prior to connecting the replacement components. It is recommended to connect the whip hose to the dispenser last during hanging-hardware reassembly.
  6. Reverse the shutdown process to put the dispenser back in service (open shear valve, turn power on, etc.)

NOTE: Be sure to follow the installation instructions of your specific breakaway make and model.