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AC: Alternating Current 

ADA: Americans with Disability Act 

AER: All Electric Range 

BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle 

DC: Direct Current 

DCFC: Direct Current Fast Charging 

ERIG: Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants 

EREV: Extended Range Electric Vehicle 

EV: Electric Vehicle 

EVCS: Electric Vehicle Charging Station 

EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment 

EVSP: Electric Vehicle Service Provider 

FCEV: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 

HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

ICE: Internal Combustion Engine 

IIJA: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

kWh: Killowatt-hour 

L2: Level 2 Charging 

L3: Level 3 Charging (Same as DC charging) 

MPGe: Miles per Gallon Gasoline Equivalent 

MPO: Metropolitan Planning Organizations 

PEV: Pure Electric Vehicle 

PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

PSC: Public Service Commission 

PUC: Public Utility Commissions 

RPH: Range Per Hour 

VIO: Vehicles In Operation 

ZEV: Zero Emission Vehicle