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Source introduced a first-of-its-kind concept in training and education of petroleum equipment applications – Source University – at this year’s PEI convention in Las Vegas. Within our facility in Arlington, Texas, we are building a replica of a fuel site, complete with underground storage tanks, submersible pumps, variations of piping and sump fittings, underground dispenser and spill containment, dispensers, hanging hardware, electronic monitoring systems — the works! Our booth included a 3D printed model of the replica fuel site. Visitors were also invited to experience what Source University has to offer via a free 3D app that is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store (search “Source University”). Other highlights from the show include:

2019 PEI Leaders Elected: PEI members elected Charles Burns of The Oscar W. Larson Co. as president. William “Bill” Mascott III of Mascott Equipment Co. will serve as vice president. Stephen “Steve” E. Dixon of P.B. Hoidale Co. Inc. was appointed treasurer, effective immediately.

Source Discusses Fuel Quality & Corrosion: Source’s Manager of New Business Development, Jeff Dzierzanowski, joined a panel of industry heavyweights to discuss “Fuel Quality and Corrosion: The Chicken and the Egg … And the Future.” The panelists touched on the current state of ULSD and other fuel research, the impact, prevention and treatment of corrosion and how future fuels could impact fuel quality and corrosion. They also deliberated about how future fuels could impact fuel quality and corrosion. See related story for corrosion-control equipment solutions featured at the convention.

We are continuously inspired by all of the great things we see and learn at the annual PEI convention. We look forward to seeing you again next year, Oct. 1-4, in Atlanta, GA!