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Convenience store fare has evolved tremendously since the days of the rubber rotisserie hot dog. Over the last decade, C-stores have gradually introduced a variety of freshly prepared foods to heighten on-the-go meal solutions. Busy consumers like the convenience; retailers love how it entices gas customers to leave the forecourt and venture inside among higher margin items.

User-friendly customer-facing interactive POS systems are driving this trend. Two of Source’s channel partners, NCR and Gilbarco Veeder-Root are on the forefront of state-of-the-art self-service systems that not only improve employee efficiency and increase upselling, but enhance the overall customer experience.

Innovation = $

For example, “Gilbarco Express” utilizes a digital passport platform that allows shoppers to place an order via a touch screen kiosk that interfaces directly with a C-store’s kitchen. Once the order has been submitted, a printout stamped with a QR code populates from the kiosk so the customer can see their order and then pay for it at the sales counter.  Simultaneously, the order is sent to the kitchen to be prepared quickly and accurately.   

NCR’s customer self-service and kitchen production hardware solutions also feature an interactive terminal that is designed to help retailers grow their business by focusing on speed-of-service, order accuracy, upselling and customization for customers.

According to industry experts, these types of POS platforms not only optimize inventory management, but create on-demand ordering, which eliminates waste that occurs when food is prepared in advance. Intuitive, easy-to-navigate systems optimally train employees and manage inventory with pinpoint accuracy.

Digital couponing is another way C-stores are luring customers inside their stores. Apps such as GasBuddy provide coupons and offers on the drinks, snacks and meals.

Visit Source’s website to learn how our channel partners NCR and Gilbarco Veeder-Root provide food service technology that can enhance your business’s profitability.